The efficacy of KELPGROW products can be attributed to the exceptionally high concentration of intact phyto-hormones and nutrients derived from a gentle extraction process developed and patented by West Coast Marine Bioprocessing.

The process involves the application of differential pressure and mechanical actions in cold temperatures that cause the cell wall to rupture releasing the cell contents.

In contrast, other extraction methods use high temperatures or aggressive chemicals that damage or alter the structure of biological compounds.

Instead, the process used by West Coast Marine Bioprocessing maintains the structural integrity all the naturally occurring nutrients and biological compounds specific to this kind of seaweed attributed to the unique and extreme open sea conditions in which it grows.

Following the physical and mechanical extraction, the seaweed liquid extract is further concentrated by increasing the percentage of nutrients in a specific volume under controlled atmospheric conditions.

As a final step, the raw concentrated product is subjected to an ultrasound application, which fully mixes and homogenizes the final seaweed concentrate. There are several advantages of this manufacturing process, but the principal benefits can be summarized as:

  • high concentration of high quality raw material;
  • full preservation of Macrocystis Integrifolia extract, with uncompromised biological activity and performance of extract contents due to the gentle non-damaging physical extraction process;
  • complete control and oversight of the production process, from harvest to the final commercial product.