Macrocystis Integrifolia is a type of Brown seaweed from the order Laminariales growing in Canada (British Columbia). This seaweed significantly increases crop performance and yield having the following positive effects:

  • accelerates crop metabolism and stimulates fast recovery from stress conditions, thanks to the presence of Laminariales, vitamins, betaines, mannitol and other polysaccharides;
  • increases vegetative growth and fruit enlargement due to the presence of highly concentrated natural phyto-hormones;
  • carrier effect on nutrients by the presence of alginic acid and mannitol that act as complexing agents enhancing nutrients uptake into the plant.

Macrocystis Integrifolia is particularly rich in natural phyto-hormones which can act as elicitors of natural plant defense mechanisms that systemically strengthen the plant, such as of phytoalexins and stilbenes biosynthesis.

Furthermore, phyto-hormones stimulate vegetative growth, by promoting cell division (auxin-like action) and cell elongation (gibberellins-like action).
This action works both on above and below portion of the plant, creating a balanced crop with a well developed root system.

KELPGROW EXTRACT, product for the US market